Mold Removal & Remediation Services – Toronto & the GTA

mold removal toronto

Mold can occur in areas of trapped or reoccurring moisture and can effect both your health and value of your property. Mold removal and remediation can address the issue and prevent further growth and contamination. Floodmasters can effectively eradicate preexisting mold issues or apply structural drying, moisture detection and other elimination methods to prevent future mold growth. We also perform mold testing services which can be helpful when buying a house or property, or after remediation to make sure all mold has been eliminated.

Wet basements, poorly ventilated bathrooms, roofs and attics, are all ideal environments for mold to grow. If water damage has recently occurred on your property then the risk of mold growing in the effected areas is high.

After a flood, fire or other water damage the affected areas must be dried completely to minimize the possibility of mold growth. Often when the affected areas are not completely dry within the 24hrs following the damage, mold will inevitably grow.

This is where Floodmasters, with over 15 years of experience can help. Our containment, construction and mold remediation techniques comply with Health Department and IICRC guidelines. We do extensive mold testing, take numerous moisture readings and, constantly evaluate and monitor the entire mold remediation process to ensure that a certified clearance has been obtained.