Floods and flood damage: Steps to take

Getting a flood at your home, business or property is quite common. Whether it is a broken pipe, storm water run-off or a sewer backup, a flood can quickly damage your property.

When experiencing a flood your first step should be to call a restoration company, like FloodMasters Inc. Water damage restoration is almost always covered by your home or property insurance so this is not an out of pocket expense. Calling a professional restoration company will not only clean up the water and address the flood cause but will also prevent additional damage. The longer the water stays behind drywall, under flooring, baseboards and joists the more damage it will do, including increasing the chances for future mold.

A restoration company will not only remove water from your rooms or basement but will also perform water extraction, structural drying and dehumidifying to remove all moisture from building materials.

Here are the steps you can take before the restoration company arrives:

  • First step, if possible, should be to stop the source of water so to contain the flood.
  • Before you enter a flooded room make sure no electrical cables are exposed and turn of the electricity.
  • If your flood is due to a plumbing issue turn off the watermain also.
  • If possible remove pieces of furniture and household items to stop any additional damage to them.
  • Clear a pathway from the entrance to the flooded area so the restoration crew can easily access the area with their equipment.
  • Call your insurance company to file a claim. Inform them that a restoration company has been called.
  • Find your insurance documents so you can supply the details to the restoration company, we will guide you through the claim process.

FloodMasters Inc. offers 24/7 emergency restoration services and will quickly mitigate your water damage emergency. Call us now at: 416-422-2022