Spring house floods and how to prevent them

Good news. Spring is here! If you are a Canadian then you are happy that warmer weather is on its way. Higher temperatures may lift your spirits but if you are a homeowner then you might have to deal with a basement flood due to run-off water from melting snow, spring rains and the thawing of frozen water within the ground. During spring FloodMasters is often called to mitigate and restore flood and water damage that resulted from spring water run-off.

If you home is prone to flooding then going through a checklist of potential risk areas that can contribute to flooding is important. Water damage from spring floods or spring rains can be costly to repair so better be safe than sorry!

Here is a list of things that could cause a flood in your home:

  • Blocked drains and poor drainage
  • Foundation cracks to basement walls and floors
  • Sewer system blockage
  • Sump pump failure

Here is what you should do to avoid a flood and water damage:

  • Remove all snow from around the foundation walls of your house making sure that you create channels through the melting snow to allow water to escape, preferable towards a downhill.
  • Remove all snow, ice and debris from your gutters, drains and downspouts, make sure that they are not blocked.
  • Downspouts should extend at least two meters away from the house foundation.
  • If you have dealt with a chronic wet basement issue then the installation of a sump pump would be a good investment.
  • If a sump pump is already installed then make sure that it is working properly.
  • If water is leaking through cracks on your basement walls then investing in a basement waterproofing solution is recommended.
  • Remove all dead plant materials from around your home to avoid pooling of water close to your foundation walls.
  • And finally, make sure the grading of the soil around your house slopes away from your foundation ensuring that water runs off away from your foundation.

If you do experience basement flooding or a sewer backup then give FloodMasters a call at 416-422-2022 to prevent further water damage. We specialize in water damage and flood restoration, structural drying and sewer backup cleanup.